Capturing moments through slow shutter

I’ve been experimenting a little with slow shutter, along with other photography themes with some items commonly found in homes but may be easily overlooked.

Playing with fire

Playing with fire, literally.MiloI wanted to capture the movement while stirring a cup of drink, Milo here in this case. It’s kinda soothing for some reason, perhaps because water is also a symbolism of happiness and life.


Tunnel Vision

I got challenged to work on a photography project called Tunnel Vision. I don’t suppose it needs much introduction, so here goes.

Boy in SlideTaken at the playground at Changi Coastal Boardwalk.

CalendarSometimes I really wish time travel was possible, so that I can go back to the past to make up for the mistakes I wish I didn’t commit. Then again, it’s those mistakes that allow us to learn from them, and then to grow and improve. Perhaps I would choose to travel to the future as well, but if one already knows his or her own future, then there’s really no point to life isn’t it?


Taken at an underpass in Ang Mo Kio. The conditions for this photo were right – pitch dark, till the lights came on -_- But hey, there’s nothing Photoshop can’t salvage right…