Clarke Quay on another night

I recently bought some filters to experiment with, and was quite pleasantly surprised with the results.

Clarke QuayIn case anyone is wondering, that trail of light was a boat.

Clarke QuaySadly though, the wind wasn’t strong enough that night for the moving clouds effect. Then again, I should be glad that I was even able to capture some clouds because within a few minutes there were no clouds in sight.

Just a side story – I was at the location alone just minding my own business and shooting when a couple suddenly appeared. I guess they must have been bummed out by my presence because that is supposedly one of the quietest spots in Clarke Quay so they left almost immediately. Oh well, it’s not my fault you chose to go there to make out at that time. Go find a bedroom or something. Geez…


Journey to the West – Trains edition

These images were taken a few weeks back, but being the procrastinator that I am (coupled with sleep deprivation etc etc yes all the excuses), I finally got my lazy ass to post them up. (Throws confetti in the air)

Jurong East MRT

Jurong East MRT tracks

Being a North-east sider, travelling all the way to the West to Jurong East to take these images was quite a torture, but interesting nonetheless. This seems vaguely like the Chinese story of Journey to the West (西游记) but with modern modes of transportation within less than a day, thankfully! Speaking of which, I really wonder how people in the past could bear with months of travelling. I mean, a bus ride of 2 hours is already torturous enough (for my butt that is).

Golden Hour and Majestic Clouds

It’s been a while since I last updated. I blame this on work and how it has sucked the energy and time from me. (And also how I’ve been putting this off because I was a little lazy) Then again, it’s also about time management and not allowing your job to be the centre of your life, isn’t it?

Note to self: Stop making excuses for yourself.

These images are the results of playing around with my new wide angle lens adapter, and from snapping loads of pictures for god-knows how long before a bird finally came into the frame. Bird watchers, I salute you for your patience.