Clarke Quay on another night

I recently bought some filters to experiment with, and was quite pleasantly surprised with the results.

Clarke QuayIn case anyone is wondering, that trail of light was a boat.

Clarke QuaySadly though, the wind wasn’t strong enough that night for the moving clouds effect. Then again, I should be glad that I was even able to capture some clouds because within a few minutes there were no clouds in sight.

Just a side story – I was at the location alone just minding my own business and shooting when a couple suddenly appeared. I guess they must have been bummed out by my presence because that is supposedly one of the quietest spots in Clarke Quay so they left almost immediately. Oh well, it’s not my fault you chose to go there to make out at that time. Go find a bedroom or something. Geez…


Blurred city lights

City lights

If you are familiar with Singapore, you might have an idea¬†where this was taken. Interestingly though, despite standing in the middle of the road (on a pavement of course) with so many people staring at you, it’s possible to ignore all the stares if you concentrate more on what you are doing rather than on the passers-by. Especially so when there are so many cars zooming by beside you too.

On a similar note, one of my life goals is to develop a really thick skin that I wouldn’t be bothered about how others look at me. It’s kinda hard if this is not an inherent ability though, so as they say, Fake it till you’ve got it. No one would probably notice it if you have good acting skills ūüėČ

Night Photography – Highway adventures

Expressways, highways, they mean the same despite the different name.

Cars slow shutterCar light trail

Me - Slow shutterI’m loving how eerie this image feels. Just imagine a girl walking up and down, and across an overhead bridge multiple times trying to get the perfect shot. Well, to me at least, while getting weird stares from passers-by. I’m sure most people who are into photography can empathize me on this.