Southern Ridges

OverviewThis was my second time going on the Southern Ridges trail that stretches from the South – Southwest of Singapore. My first time was with a bunch of friends, say 7 years ago (I’m getting old…) where we got lost at some random part and decided to walk into this section of the forest for a good 20 – 30 minutes climbing up and down slopes before realising that we were just a few metres away from where we started -_-

Canopy walk

SpiderTaken along Canopy Walk. Call me suaku (or noob) but this 14 – 15cm spider is by far the largest one I’ve ever seen.

Henderson Wave 1

Henderson Wave 3

Henderson Wave 2Taken along Henderson Wave

Mount FaberAnd we spotted civilisation on Mount Faber, also known as the highest “mountain” in Singapore after walking for so many hours, but the view from there is superb! Walking down the mountain is another story.

If there’s a lesson I learnt from this trail, it’d be that the air conditioner is by far the best invention ever. /salute to whoever you are


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