HDR Cat 1
Was at a cat cafe in Bugis the other day with Justin and Shi En after talking about it for so long. The cats are cute, but truth be told I prefer dogs over cats any day. Sure, cats have character but I think dogs are friendlier and more hyper. In short it got kinda boring after a while of playing (or trying to get the cats to play with you, or for that matter to even bother about you).

HDR Cat 2

HDR Cat yawning

“Let me out!”

It was just a yawn but it does look fiercely majestic like Mufasa carrying Simba at the edge of the cliff. By the way, these cats can really pose, no?HDR window
Was peering through this small window pane at the cafe, and I wondered if that is how the cats there feel – trapped in a small air conditioned room with lots of people wanting to pat them and make them play all the time but there seems to be this world out there where people can move freely as and when they’d like to. Like “get off my back and stop touching me, human!”


2 thoughts on “Cats

  1. Haha, I’ve always wanted to visit a cat cafe! I think that I would feel a little sorry for the cats though, as they’d have to put up with the humans visiting all the time!


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