At the park 2


So, being bored as I usually am, I decided to head to Botanic Gardens again to see what interesting sights I could capture this time.Not much human activities this time though mainly because it started raining halfway.

Am going to keep this short because my laptop is running out of battery. (Note to self: find a seat with a wall plug next time you decide to blog at Starbucks)

Umbrella girl

Leading lines

Swan Lake

Hanging leafJust a short story about this leaf – it was hanging there because it was caught in a spider web. Kind of reminds me of the Chinese concept – 落叶归根. I wonder how much this applies to the modern society now that with globalisation, so many people moving from countries to countries and settling far away from their homeland.

Quick update: Thank goodness for the guy sitting beside me for leaving because now I can use the plug to save my dying laptop!


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