Random snaps

It’s just one of those posts where these images wouldn’t seem to fit into any particular theme, but I want to post them up anyway. Tonle-Sap-Lake

This was taken on a tuk tuk on the way to Tonle Sap Lake in Siem Reap, Cambodia to see the sunset. It would have cost us USD15 (If I recall correctly) for a boat ride on the lake just to view the sunset (major rip off) but my friends and I found out an alternative, which was to climb the nearby hill. That is another adventure to be told maybe someday or maybe not. Anyway, we gave USD1 to two locals who pretended to be police because one of them was wearing a cap which said Police because they insisted that we had to pay money to climb up the hill.


Random snap of my mum plucking some vegetables for soup.
Instagram styleI was just messing around with some newly bought rings when I decided to take some pictures. On hindsight, I should have arranged the rings neatly.

Sunglasses: Thierry Mugler (similar) | Rings: H&M | Watch: American Eagle | Phone: Samsung Note 3 |


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