At the park

Boys playing

You know how sometimes when you tell yourself to do something, and you’re all motivated like BUT when it comes down to actually doing it, you’d probably be “Actually this can wait till tomorrow…” #procrastinationFTW In essence, this was a Project Get Myself Out of the House day – Accomplished.

I was just walking around Botanic Gardens aimlessly, when these 2 boys just came rolling towards me and I thought – Hey, this looks like a photo opportunity! In all honesty though, they reminded me of my childhood when my siblings and I would go to the park to play every week like there was no tomorrow, till it was time to head back home for dinner. Great times…

Bird watcherBecause I’m a stalker like that. I was basically hiding by the side of the bushes, happily snapping away hoping this dude wouldn’t notice me.

Father and sonThis cute little boy was picking grass to feed to the ducks. Ducks don’t eat grass, right?

They say pictures speak a thousand words, but they can actually be really misleading as well. This old lady was’t abandoned as it seems in this picture. She was just resting on her interesting wheelchair while waiting for her family to finish taking pictures by the tree.

Oh uhh and just for fun, I created a gif of this swan.

SwansI could probably watch this all day. Nah, who am I kidding..

It was a pretty interesting day at The Botanic Gardens actually, just people-watching although the weather was kinda killing (as always).


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