Hong Kong / Macau

First things first, Happy New Year!

That being sad, here’s a new post for the very first day of the new year 🙂

Being in Hong Kong for the 4th time in 4 years makes me wanna live there.

For a long time, I’ve been intrigued by how modern and cosmopolitan the city is, yet still maintains its Chinese culture and heritage. Somehow, I feel that over the years, Singaporeans are gradually letting go of their heritage and culture, and embracing Western values more. Not that it’s a bad thing, because we are after all global citizens and this helps us to be more embracing to practices from other cultures. It’s just that with culture dilution, it is almost as though we are losing our roots.

Alright, enough with the long talk on social problems and let’s move on to the pictures.

First up, Macau.
Entrance to Taipa Village

It took my family and me a while to walk to Taipa village from the ferry terminal (with not much help from the GPS even with auto roaming). Pretty small village I would say, or we just didn’t explore much.

Ruins of St Paul's churchBesides being overcrowded (practically an ocean of tourists), there wasn’t really much to do here. Oh, and along the way to the ruins of St Paul’s Church, there are loads of stores selling the same things, like biscuits, pork jerky (bakwa or 肉干 as we Singaporeans know of it) and pork chop buns. Not to mention a pretty out of place Forever 21 just at the foot of the church. Hmmm…

Venetian MacaoThe Venetian Macao is a really huge place,  but honestly speaking, I’d prefer going to Marina Bay Sands anytime, over this place – overcrowded, poorly maintained toilets and tourists who spit on the floors (REALLY?!?! Not gonna mention nationality here but you might have an idea).

The saving grace though, is the really gorgeous interior like this mural here. I wonder how much money and efforts went into just getting this mural up.

Central, Hong Kong

Mid Level, Hong KongMid Level, Hong Kong. Interesting place that’s pretty hilly and steep. Kudos to those who live and work in this area for your stamina and sense of balance.

Cha chaan tengSo, I snuck a picture of this cook from this cha chaan teng (茶餐厅) near my hotel in Jordan. Pretty impressive food for a small and cramped cafe. Lesson learnt – don’t look down on anyone because of their environment.

Temple street

Old men singingSo, while roaming around the estate where my hotel is located at, I stumbled upon this side street where there were some elderly singing some Cantonese oldies. Didn’t stay long enough to finish hearing them sing though. Actually, my main concern was of them scolding me for taking a picture of them, which was why I left immediately after snapping this image of them 😛

Oh, and when I was standing just outside Temple Street, 3 tourists approached me to help them take a picture. Hi there, fellow tourist. Of course, to keep up with the act I had to reply them in Cantonese. Thank you Hong Kong dramas!

Interestingly, I got mistaken for a Hong Konger a couple of times. Another was the train when another tourist from Mainland China asked me how to get to some place, and quite a few times when I walked into shops. Maybe I should consider living there next time.


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