Wedding bells

Tried my hand at some portrait photography during a friend’s wedding with a bunch of friends whom I haven’t met in a while (congrats Jon! Although you won’t be reading this…) with some new effect I learnt.

Ying YingThis is my favourite picture. I like how happy she looks playing on the kiddy ride. By the way, she’s 18 but she looks like she can just fit in with the rest of the kids at the playground.

Eugene and gangThe saying goes – 三人行必有我师焉 (Amongst 3 people walking, there’s one whom I can learn something from; anyone can be my teacher as long as I’m willing to learn). Ok not really. He merely wanted me to take this picture because he was boasting about how model-esque he is among the rest ._.

Evelyn and Ying Ying

Nothing really special about this, but I wanted to try out how not to make the people in the picture merely silhouettes when having the light source directly behind them.

Sorry for making you stand in the scorching sun 😛 Well, my makeup kinda melted a little too anyway, so we’re equals.

Group photoOnce again, congrats Jon and Nadia!


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