Old vs New

These two images were taken at two different countries – Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Angkor Wat

Marina Bay SandsIt’d be pretty cool if Singapore had such ancient architecture as well instead of all these modern skyscrapers and buildings. I mean, it’s really cool to see these sky scrapers and awesome architecture, but having grown up in this concrete jungle where the oldest buildings date back to the 1800s, it’ll be nice to be able to travel somewhere within the island to just soak in a different atmosphere.

So all the more reason to travel  more often isn’t it? 😛

Then again, travelling to another country purely for sightseeing is not really my thing, which is why I’m really looking forward to the trip to Hong Kong at the end of the month (OMG the shopping!) In all honesty though, I’m not that superficial. For real.


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