Random sights at the beach

So, I headed out to Changi Boardwalk at Changi Village with my buddy Justin about 2 weeks ago, yknow just chilling and walking and taking some pictures.

Interestingly, the jetty where you take the boat to Pulau Ubin is located just around the corner and being the Singaporean that I am, I’ve never been there until earlier this year. Guess what, it’s only a 10-15 boar ride away from mainland Singapore!

Anyway that’s besides the point. So while at Changi Boardwalk, I got to see some rather interesting sights.

Cat sleepingWell, this sleeping kitty is cute, no?

Dad fishing with sonBut seriously, are you really able to catch fish this way?

Prawn headAnd that, is a bunch of ants inside a cooked prawn head. Pretty gross actually.

Oh yea, I would have (probably) taken more pictures if not for the fact that my stomach was crying for food. Nature’s call comes first  (pretty justified I would say). So the itinerary after dinner at Changi Village hawker centre (well what do you know there are quite a number of award winning stalls there) was just taking a bus with no destination in mind, alighting then taking the train to Orchard Road to see the Christmas lighting and just sitting down chatting till it was time to take the last train home or we’d just get stranded there till it was time to head to work the next day. Just saying.


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