When in Bali


Lena and Victoria

Because when in Bali, one of the main things to do is to go to the beaches. I mean, that’s what they’re famous for right? But in all honesty, they have the most beautiful beaches (and sunsets) I’ve ever seen (well since I’m comparing them with the ones in Singapore).

These were taken at two different beaches, which I can’t remember the names of. Speaking of which, the beach in the second picture is filled entirely with black volcanic sand that sparkles! My friend, being a geographer, tried to bring the sand home in a 75ml plastic water bottle but sadly it got confiscated at the airport. Lesson learnt? Buy check in luggage, pack them in smaller bottles (or bribe the officers there. Just kidding!) 

I hope to be able to visit Bali again some day! But this time, I’ll definitely stay in one of the touristy areas instead of a villa that is a 3 hours drive away from the city -_- #greatdealsyoubuyoffgroupon Having been a city girl since birth, being that far from the town area, civilisation or just any shops (even provision shops) is really depressing, especially if you get crappy internet connection as well. No joking.


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